A platform for kind humans, by Australia’s first human rights museum

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With you, we’re making young voices more visible

HumanKind 2020 has been created by The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance of Western Australia.

The project is designed to motivate young people, particularly from diverse communities to add their voices, language and stories to conversations that matter to them about the future of our society: about child rights in Australia and around the world, racism, diversity, freedom and peace.

We know that young people are impacted by the social and environmental issues around them; climate change, human rights, education, justice and equality issues affect our youth and their peers around the world on a daily basis. We know that in Australia, one in three school children still suffer from casual and institutional racism.

Yet research suggests that young people rarely get a chance to express their opinions on these issues and the things that matter to them.  A recent study by the Museum of Australian Democracy, Google Australia and Western Sydney University found that only 11 per cent of news reports included visual references to young people, and further that only one per cent of these reports contained direct commentary by a young person. The research concluded that “young Australians are not being given opportunities to speak about themselves and their experiences.”  

We believe that through awareness raising and educational workshops, we can work with you to develop to share and amplify the voices, languages and stories of the next generations of kind humans in our community!


The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance has partnered with Screenwest, Draw History and Mettamorphosis, a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation working towards the alleviation of the personal, social, institutional and educational adversity faced by refugees worldwide to create HumanKind 2020.


Work with us

Join us and help share the voices, languages and stories of young people in our community.

We are not the problem, we are the solution.
The Imagination Declaration,   Garma 2019
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