Children of Gaza

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The artworks displayed are produced by children who have participated in the Gaza Children Cinema workshops, Palestine. The artworks express each child’s inner voice. The array of colours used in those paintings reflect some of the most common childhood interests including their love of nature, their families and surroundings, whilst also expressing their gloomy reality of fear, war, imprisonment, and loss.

The collection of artworks on the theme of “sounds that are important to me” provided a powerful glimpse into the spectrum of experience of children in Gaza. Titles included birdsong, the call to prayer, my inner voice, father’s anger, torture of the prisoner, and tank tracks. The artworks present an opportunity to share a glimpse of the lives of children in Gaza who grown up in a humanitarian crisis locked off from the world for the last 12 years due to prolonged Israeli occupation and blockade.

Hobart Exhibition

The Small Moments of Beauty and Truth art exhibition was held at the Waterfront Pavilion in Hobart, Tasmania from 18th to the 22nd of September.

The exhibition featured artwork of nine visual artists, inspired by the theme of childhood: Di Allison, Paul Bailey, Irene Briant, Dean Chatwin, Belinda Hall, Patrick Hall, Julie Gough, Pete Maarseveen and Julie Monro-Alison; and a powerful written piece by Australian-born Palestinian writer, Samya Jabbour.

The 39 prints of artwork produced by children in Gaza who have participated in the Gaza Children Cinema workshops were also displayed.

An art collaboration between the children in Gaza and Hobart was inspired by a children’s workshop organised by Hobart-based educator, Catherine Morse. As part of the exhibition, Catherine explained to the children and their families what it is like living in Gaza as a child and explained the artwork produced by the children in Gaza. In a series of workshops organised by Tamer Institute for Community Education, the children in Hobart responded by producing artworks of their own voices.

Find out more about the event here.


Watch “Voice of” – a stop motion production of children in Hobart, Australia:

Birdsong by Jonte Adams-Milne

Giggling Waves by Charlotte Admas (Charli), Lu Lu Smee, Eva Thomas

I Love Lego by Oscar Roebuck

Let’s Go Racing by Ed Lind, Liam Stanaway & Jonah Halliwell

Waterfalls by Liana Stubbs, Alice Forrest-Jarman & Celeste Abbott

We Love Lego by Elliot Vagg , Tom Vagg, Oscar Roebuck

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Visual art exhibition at RAW in Perth, Australia.