Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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The 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 2018 created an opportunity to commemorate, celebrate and critique this fundamental framework of freedom and equality for all humanity.

Working with Youth Leaders at Edmund Rice Centre WA (ERCWA) in Mirrabooka, Community Arts Network (CAN) held workshops that examined the UDHR, what the rights are, how they affect us and what their relevance is to young people.

Together the young people explored how to represent the 30 articles of human rights through photography and art. Using community arts practice to bring the words of the UDHR to life through the eyes of young people, this booklet transforms a 70 year old document into a contemporary creative form. This collaboration between Edmund Rice Centre WA, the Museum of Freedom and Tolerance and CAN, is critical to supporting and platforming voices that are too often unheard. By working together the project has become a celebration of history’s intentions, our universal humanity, and a reminder of hope.

All images by Duncan Wright.

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Our children are our future, and the future custodians of the world in which we live. With the politics and narrative of fear, ignorance and division gaining a stronger voice, it is important that we engage, teach and make ourselves and those that the future of this planet belongs to aware of those rights that so many fought so hard to defend, protect and preserve.  
Rabia Siddique,   International Humanitarian Lawyer
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